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Problems with Placing Holds or Viewing your Patron Record

If you have a problem placing holds online, it will loop back to the login screen or back to the "choose a pickup location" page, here may be some solutions.

Are you using Internet Explorer? If you are, see if you Content Advisor is Enabled.

  • Go to Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Content
  • under Content Advisor
  • Settings
  • Approved Sites
  • Add and

Or you may have a pop-up blocker.

Disable the pop-up blocker for both of the following sites:

If you don't allow pop-ups, then you will not get the processing screen that tells you when it is done and it looks like it is throwing you into a loop, but usually it will have processed it anyway.

Check your account after a few minutes to make sure that the hold is there.

The other thing is if you use some browsers other than IE, then you will not get the update at the end of the process that tells you if it was successful. This does not show up in Opera, Firefox, Konqueror or Safari.

If the login screen seems to refresh over and over, with no error message, this could indicate a corrupted login cookie. Please delete the cache and cookie files in your web browser.

There is a limit of 30 holds per card. If you have 30 holds, the system will not allow you to place anymore holds. The message you get is that there is something wrong with your card but it does not explain what it is.