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Food for FinesFood for Fines September 2010

How does it work?

$1.00 in fines will be waived for each food item donated in September for up to $10.00 per library card holder.

When and where can donations be made?

Donations will be accepted at all 39 Jefferson County public libraries circulation desks during September 2010.

What food items are preferred donations?

SUGGESTED donations

  • baby food
  • cereals
  • soup
  • canned juice
  • canned fruit
  • canned vegetables
  • peanut butter
  • crackers
  • rice or pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • dried beans
  • side dishes
  • snack foods

Items which CANNOT be accepted

  • dented cans
  • rusted cans
  • damaged items
  • open packages
  • packages with expired dates
  • homemade food
Jefferson County libraries to trade fines for overdue books for canned goods next month
from The Birmingham News, August 25, 2008

September Food for Fines Project