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Our Spirit Will Not Be Broken: Voices from the April StormsOur Spirit Will Not Be Broken: Voices from the April Storms

The Moon Tree
Katina “1 Queen” Walton

I am a mighty tree that was considered sacred to the Egyptians.
My presence represents nourishment and gifts.
When the moonlight is bright, my bark stands out in the beauty of the night.
Even though my twigs and branches are thin, I represent new life within.

I have the ability to awaken feminine intuition energies.
I am the portal to nourishment and beauty.
My connection to nature encourages health, abundance and inspiration.
I have been one of the hidden treasures of the earth for many nations.

I am called a tree of protection and favors.
I was planted in Birmingham Alabama for all to savor.
Now called the Moon Tree, I stand tall for all to see.
The magnificent beauty that flows through me.

Trees have long stood as a symbol of strength and wisdom.
Annually going through decay and revival.
Making them masters of true survival.

April 2011, brought with it a great challenge.
Could I stand tall? How would I manage?
Do I have the strength to absorb the energy of the angry winds?
Could I protect the other flowers with just a simple bend?
Or would I have to give up branches and leaves; I would give it all up to protect the seeds.

I wanted to stand true to purpose; protection and favor.
I wanted to preserve the Botanical Gardens beauty; I knew this was my life’s duty.
As the wind grew stronger, I reached my branches out longer.
When I was debarked; I didn’t loose my spark.

I would shield the roses from the weather; until things got better.
I would soften the blows to the sculpture, the Last Dance.
I knew I had to give their beauty one more chance.

I am known as the Moon Tree; A tree of protection and favor.
I withstood the tornados and protected my neighbors.
I will offer beauty; no matter what price I have to pay.
I am the Moon Tree and I am here to stay.

Moon Tree