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Our Spirit Will Not Be Broken: Voices from the April StormsOur Spirit Will Not Be Broken: Voices from the April Storms

Natural Disasters
by Derrick McKenzie Jr.


So called said to happen naturally

But from my understandings

It’s just a hint from God to remind us of how blessed we all are actually

Some people lost their homes and other things that they owned

But God who sits upon his throne

Is telling us that we are his children

So have faith in me

Be strong

I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana some years back

People were flooded out of their homes

So they had no choice but to relocate to a dome

But I still have a question that remains unknown

Why is my house untouched

But the neighborhood down the street is gone

A tornado decided to make Hueytown, Center Point, Pleasant Grove, Trussville, Clay-Chalkville, Tuscaloosa, Fultondale, Gardendale and Pratt City its new home

While we plead to 911 screaming

“Please, please come help us.”

“We have an intruder in our homes”

“Tornado, you’re not welcome here”

“So please leave us alone”

But little did we know that this tornado was like Helen Keller

Deaf and blind all at the same time

So this tornado we call a disaster

So called said to happen naturally

Keeps intruding into our Alabama State limits

Causing so many casualties

So we casually pray to a God

Who we know will never give us more than we can handle

Even though your homes are dismantled

Still trust and believe that our savior Jesus Christ

Is going to make everything alright

Because if we leave our problems up to God

He’ll fight your battle

So you won’t have to live in fright