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Our Spirit Will Not Be Broken: Voices from the April StormsOur Spirit Will Not Be Broken: Voices from the April Storms

Enraged Storm
by Julia Amerson Brown

Yes, we were warned
There would be a storm
Unlike any we've seen
But to wake up that morn
After the mist of the storm
Leaves, limbs, trees uprooted
Laying in the streets, cars and shingles
Roofs suppressed with layers of mangled
Tiles and awnings
No lights, power out
Yet neighbors still standing
As we talk, walk the neighborhoo
Material Thinks lost but not life
The sun began to shine
Off to work I go ...

Another alert
Must leave work and go home
Cause this morn was just
A quiet fury storm
Thinking not to be alarmed
As the worst happened this morn
I went to sleep in my bed
And was awakened by a knock
At my door
As my children
Had not heard from me
And sent a neighbor my way
Telling me to take cover
As they heard on the news
The storm was coming my way
I was groggy but got up
Took a cell phone, flashlight and blanket
Went to my hall laundry closet
And prayed for
My God Protection
Remained calm as I heard
The rumbling
Shaking forces of the wind, thunder

When it was over
There was more of what I saw
From early morn
No more quiet storm
But a storm fury
Had touched our state
Unlike anything
I had ever seen ...

We were warned
Over and over again
But couldn't  imagine
God through it all
Answered my pray
Still the pain of knowing
So many lives were not spared
Yet still knowing
God is in control
My faith not saken
By what occurred

Yes we were warned
It's true
We've been given
A chance to renew ...