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Our Spirit Will Not Be Broken: Voices from the April StormsOur Spirit Will Not Be Broken: Voices from the April Storms

by Marc Lacy

were all
to the
of April 27th
that I'd like to soon forget...
Lord, just let amnesia kick in...
because I can still
see the darkness drippin' in
like water from a leaky faucet
during the middle of the day...
No lights other than the rays
of the sun blasting beautifully down
on the carnage the day after...
And then I ask...
Is this Chernobyl?
Is this 3 Mile Island?
Is this 2012 in 2011?
Oh I get it...this is a precursor
to Armageddon...
And if Armageddon is yet to come
I need absolutely no convincing
that Kingdom Come
has prepared dinner for us
and is awaiting our arrival
knowing Tornado Alley is a ticking
time bomb...
And if there were such a thing
as a twister resister
I'd buy one thousand of them
and plant them
in Madison County...

Lord, just let the amnesia kick in...
'Cause when I think about
families whose humble abodes
has nothing left standing
but a porcelain commode
in the middle of the debris
My heart refuses to let my eyes see...

Lord, just let the amnesia kick in...
People have to start lives over
Insurance is late
and just about the only thing
going is a four leaver clover
that's been spotted on the front lawn...

Lord, just let the amnesia kick in...
Lives lost
and living souls left hurting and lonely
only to find out that
finances going forward are in ruin...
Businesses destroyed and workers
commence to pursuin' other ways to bring home the bread...

Lord, I know I've requested amnesia; but now it is "selective" amnesia...
Because I don't want to forget
how my community pulled together
and assisted one another
with a reckless abandon
and illustrated a selflessness
a oneness
a unified front
that refused to be broken spirited
as typically this situation
would be a playground for the devil...
But as usual he DID NOT PREVAIL.

Lord, thank you for our opportunity to recover. We are thankful and forever greatful.

But at the end of the day, for certain things, I still say, Lord, just let the amnesia kick in.

(c)2012 Poet/Author Marc Lacy