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What is encore?
It is a new way of finding Library information.  Whether you are looking for books or DVDs on the shelf, magazine or journal articles online, or information on your favorite websites, you can find it all through encore. It is still in development. Every few months or so, new features will be added to encore .

What will happen to the library catalog?
Because encore is a product in development we are making it available in addition to the library catalog.  At some point in the future, when encore is ready, doing a search in the "search the catalog box" on our web pages will take you to encore instead of the catalog.  But the traditional catalog will still be available through the "advanced search" link. 

What is new with encore ?
After your initial Search, the catalog will offer you the opportunity to Refine your Search by the following categories.

  • Search Found In: Limit by Title, Subject, or Author.
  • Format: Limit by Book, DVD, Audio Book, Large Print, etc.
  • Language: Limit by language, e.g. English or Spanish.
  • Publish Date: Limit by publication date.

The list of search results is also sorted by Relevance to the keyword. This field contains the item record, as well as basic information such as Title, Author, Publication Information, Jacket Cover, and Item Format. You can request an item or refine your search from this portion of the screen; the results list can also be resorted by clicking on Title or Date.

The new encore page will also provide you with a Tag Cloud to help refine your search without starting a new search.  Plus, this page will suggest popular titles you may want to consider checking out.