Jefferson County Public Library Association Library Champion Awards 2011

The Library Champion Award is presented annually by the Jefferson County Public Library Association. The Award recognizes an individual or organization who has made a significant contribution(s) to libraries and/or librarianship in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Dedicated to the memory of Canatha Early, Pleasant Grove Library

This year, we dedicate our library champion awards to the memory of Canatha Earley, a 2010 JCPLA Library Champion from the Pleasant Grove Public Library. Mrs. Earley died on April 27, 2011 in the tornadoes that ravaged our state. It was our great privilege to honor her last year and to dedicate our awards to her memory this year.

Library Champions
Debbie Bennett, Mary Anne Moseley, Mondretta Williams, Deborah Fout, Dorothy Brown, Keith Shelton, Sandra Forman, Patricia Guarino, Janine Langston, Janine Langston, Delisa Brison

Delisa Brison

Jerricho Cotchery
Cotchery Foundation
Birmingham Public Library  - Central

For the past three years, Jerricho has inspired and encouraged the teens of Birmingham to read and aspire to reach their goals in life. At the conclusion of every library visit and tailgate party, Jerricho speaks to students about doing well in school, having unwavering dedication in building exemplary character, setting goals, and doing something every day towards making those goals a reality. Since partnering with the Cotchery Foundation, the Birmingham Public Library has experienced a significant increase in the number of teen participants in the summer reading program. Students ages eleven to eighteen who are actively participating in the library’s summer reading program have the opportunity to attend the teen tailgate party hosted by Jerricho and his wife, Mercedes, at the Central Library.



Dorothy Brown
Dorothy Brown
Homewood Public Library

Dorothy Brown has given her time and talents to the Homewood Public Library for over twenty-four years. Her dedication to her duties in the Friends’ bookstore has helped make the Homewood Friends group very successful. Annually, the Friends of Homewood Library raise almost $40,000 for the Homewood Public Library. Their contributions make the library very special. The money raised by the Friends group is used for programming and special projects. Dorothy Brown is truly a champion of the Homewood Public Library and she is greatly appreciated by those who work with her.


Mary Anne Mosley
Mary Anne Moseley
The Leeds Jane Culbreth Library

Mary Anne Moseley is a working member and officer of the Leeds Library Foundation. She is a working member of the Friends of the Leeds Library. She is a current member of the Leeds Library Board of Trustees, and she is a card-carrying, hard-working, library-loving patron. To find someone willing to work in any capacity requested or needed is rare and wonderful. Mary Anne ably represents us with a working knowledge on any committee or project as needed, and she does so happily and with gusto. She always has a great attitude, and she loves and understands what the Leeds Jane Culbreth Library means to our community. She is a treasure and of immeasurable help always.


Barnes and Noble-Patton Creek
Barnes and Noble—Patton Creek Store
Keith Shelton and Sandra Forman
Hoover Public Library

The Patton Creek Barnes and Noble store has partnered with the Hoover Public Library on several ventures this past year to promote the library’s new ebook service. In October, 2010, the Overdrive Digital Bookmobile visited the Hoover Public Library and Barnes and Noble set up a booth to demonstrate their Nook ereaders. Keith Shelton and Sandra Forman answered patrons’ questions and demonstrated the library’s new ebook service at the event. Barnes and Noble even provided trays of fresh-baked cookies for the all-day event which drew over 500 patrons. Since January 2011, Barnes and Noble has provided an instructor for free Nook and Color Nook classes for our library patrons. We have had over 300 patrons attend these classes. Keith and Sandra have also provided Nook instructional sessions for the staff of the Public Libraries of Jefferson County on several occasions during the past year.


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